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Strengthening of the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy through education and transfer of best practices from Germany.

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Open-mindedness and tolerance, values and norms, well-founded general education, foreign language skills and, not least, media and economic competence: For us, SIS Middle East, these are not just empty words in times of increasing globalization. Holistic education means learning with head, hand and heart. We want to make young people strong for this ever-expanding, ever-changing world in the sense of our eponym by Carl Hahn “My field is the world”The vocational educational centers managed by SIS Middle East, are places where first-class knowledge acquisition takes place in small classes and through individual support. Team spirit and a pleasant learning atmosphere contribute to a sustainable learning success.

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Imbaba School - new prospects for tomorrow’s automotive specialists

In 2017, as a cooperation project with Ghabbour Foundation, the already existing Imbaba vocational school was fully renovated and equipped with modern technology. The SIS Middle East team completely restructured the curriculum for automotive mechatronics engineers and aligned it with the German dual vocational training system. Theoretical lessons are combined with phases of practice in GB Auto’s business units. The vocational training for automotive mechatronics has a duration of 3 years and accredited by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
Despite all the challenges, we have accomplished a sustainable progress in there with a great team of trainers and teachers, supported by German experts in the field of vocational education.
The next steps in our school will be the Commercial vehicle specialization and 2 and 3 wheelers, and in 2020 we are looking forward to the first final exam with certification by AHK (German Arab Chamber of Industry & Commerce).

Kafr El-Zayyat - Gharbia

The success of Imbaba school project encouraged us to take over additional schools in Egypt. We chose the location of Kafr El-Zayyat – Gharbia to serve the increasing demand on fully qualified technicians in this area.
Starting with the school year 2018 /2019, the SIS Middle East team implemented a curriculum for automotive mechatronics technicians according to the German dual vocational education system. Despite all the challenges, we have accomplished a sustainable progress in there with a great team of trainers and teachers, supported by German experts in the field of vocational education. The vocational education for automotive mechatronics has a duration of 3 years and is accredited by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
The current intake of the first year includes 42 trainees. For the next school year, we are planning to accommodate another 150 trainees in the first year.


The success of Imbaba vocational school encouraged us to take over other vocational schools in Egypt. We chose Alexandria site to meet the growing demand for qualified specialists in this region. 

Starting from the 2018/2019 education year, SIS Middle East introduced a curriculum for automotive mechatronics training based on the German dual system. Despite all the challenges, we have achieved a sustainable success, together with a great team of trainers and teachers, and supported by German experts in vocational training. The training lasts 3 years and is certified by the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and commerce.

Currently, 72 trainees are being trained in the first academic year, 60 of them are studying mechatronics and 12 are being trained as vehicle painters. For the next education year, we plan to admit 150 new trainees.

GB Academy was inaugurated in 2011 by Egypt’s automotive leader group GB Auto

The Academy’s main goal was to provide trainings to more than 10,000 GB Auto employees at its premium training facilities, covering several paths which include automotive technical trainings, Soft Skills, Supply Chain, Sales and Operational Trainings as well.
Over the past 8 years, GB Academy became an integral training institution not only for GB Auto employees but also for all job seekers, college students, and vocational learners.
In 2017 GB Academy entered a partnership with SIS Middle East, to manage GB Academy and help develop a world-class vocational education curriculum.
Today, GB Academy holds more than 100 classes each month and has a vast portfolio of courses on topics ranging from automotive basics, brand-specific technical training, product launches and upgrades, business skills and management training.
Sharing vast years of experience in the training field Saxony International School’s collaboration with GB Academy resulted into the highest standard of vocational and career training programs offering the academy’s customers a premium training experience and leading them into a successful career path in the automotive industry and beyond.

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Rüdiger School


Khaled Taha

Vice President

Nader Bashandi

Operational & HR Manager

Uwe Hofmann

Technical Director for
Vocational Education

Joachim Linz

School Director

Peter Gross

Academy Director

Thomas Held

School Director

Lisa Pilgram

Quality and Controlling Manager

Omar Nasr

IT Support

Marawan Hesham

Budget & Risk Analyst

Ossama El Kadi

Technical Manager Assistant

Khaled Shbaita

Technical Training Manager

Abdelrahman Ibrahim

Academy Director Assistant

Omar Abbas

Quality Manager Assistant

Ashraf Ahmed

Technical Training
Manager Assistant

Ahmed Ali

Technical Training
Manager Assistant

Mai Ossama

Professional Translator

Ahmed Abdel-fattah

Technical Training
Manager Assistant

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SIS – Saxony International School

Founded in 2009 as a subsidiary of the Studiencolleg-Bildungsgesellschaft GmbH, a pre-college for international students, Saxony International School has grown into a network of some of the most successful private schools in Germany. SIS encompasses 15 primary and secondary schools across the country.

SIS - Middle East GmbH

SIS Middle East was founded in 2017 as a subsidiary of Saxony International School GmbH in Germany, with the objective of developing the vocational education in Egypt.
In January 2017, SIS took over the management of GB Academy, the training center of GB Auto Group.
In September 2017, the first vocational education center was opened in cooperation with GB foundation.
In September 2018, two additional vocational education centers were opened in Alexandrea and Kafr El Zayat.

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