15 of May School

In collaboration with our partner, Ghabbour Foundation, we are pleased to announce the opening of two SIS-GB automotive applied technology schools in 6 of October city and 15 of May city starting the 2021/2022 school year.

The team at SIS Middle East is committed to providing first class content and an easy foundation for Egyptian students starting on the path of the German dual system in the automotive sector, with the support of German experts and a great team of engineers and teachers. The curriculum is divided into 3 specializations: Mechatronics, Commercial Vehicles and Body and Painting. The training lasts 3 years and is certified by the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The opening of these two new schools will allow us to tap into new potential and realise our ambitions in these fields. Working with schools across Egypt will help us expand our involvement in the automotive industry and create new opportunities for our market.
We look forward to continuing to grow and strengthen our automotive community in the coming years. We are grateful for the important work we have achieved and the strong foundation we have laid for future generations of our community.