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SIS Middle East

One of our goals is to develop vocational education in Egypt. Therefore, we are implementing several projects for the development and management of vocational schools. Together with our German experts, we are introducing the German dual system, which combines theory classes with practical training.

We adapt the German curricula to the requirements of the Egyptian market without compromising the quality of training. Our certificates are certified by the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

A team of young engineers and specialists is being trained by the German experts to take on tasks and responsibilities in the future.

Our goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy through education and knowledge transfer from Germany.


SIS - Saxony International School

Founded in 2009 as a branch of the Studienkolleg-Bildungsgesellschaft GmbH (preparatory college for international students), Saxony International School has since grown into a network of successful independent schools in Germany.

SIS - Middle East

SIS Middle East was founded in 2017 as a branch of Saxony International School GmbH with the aim of developing vocational education in Egypt. In September 2017, the first vocational school was opened in cooperation with the GB Foundation. In September 2018, two more vocational schools were opened in Alexandria and Kafr El Zayyat. We are currently working on other exciting projects, such as the 6 of October School and the 15 of May School.

Our mission

We see our mission in strengthening the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy through education and knowledge transfer from Germany.

Openness and tolerance, values and norms, solid general education, foreign language skills and, last but not least, media and business competence: for us, these are not just empty words in times of growing globalisation. For us, holistic education means learning with head, hand and heart. We want to make young people strong for this ever-growing, ever-changing world.

The vocational schools run by SIS Middle East are places where first-class knowledge is imparted. This is achived through small classes and individual attention. Team spirit and a pleasant learning atmosphere contribute to sustainable educational success. The continuous training of our teachers and trainers in their subject area as well as in methodical didactics ensure a high quality of education in our vocational schools.

At our educational institutions, we want to strengthen and shape young people for this constantly changing world - in the spirit of our namesake Carl Hahn.

Our vision

We are convinced that every pupil is entitled to good teaching and must be developed, strengthened and supported in the sense of a holistic education.

We focus on holistic learning with head, heart and hand and want every individual to develop the willingness to take responsibility for themselves and others and thus be able to stand up for social justice in our society and to work honestly and independently.

We see mutual respect, openness, respect, self-reflection, teamwork and the development of empathy, tolerance and social values as the cornerstones of our actions. Global thinking and awareness of sustainability also guide our actions.

The team

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RĂ¼diger School

Vice President

Khaled Taha

Operational & HR Manager

Nader Bashandi

Technical Director
for vocational training

Uwe Hofmann

Training Director

Joachim Linz

Academy Director

Peter Gross

Training Director

Thomas Held

Quality and Controlling Manager

Lisa Pilgram

Technical Training Manager Assistant

Ahmed Ali

IT support

Omar Nasr

Budget and risk analyst

Marawan Shaker

Technical Training Coordinator

Ashraf Ahmed

Professional translator

May Ossama

Quality Manager Assistant

Omar Abbas

Graphic designer

Fayrouz Sherif